Stop. Wasting. Time.

is the ultimate light-weight, low mental overhead ToDo-list app for macOS to just keep track of what you are doing right now.

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OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or newer recommended
DragToDo on a MacBook

What It Does

DragToDo is a ToDo app where you drag & drop files, e-mails, etc. to make a list of what you'll be doing that day.

Usability it's easy

Our simple drag and drop interaction makes it easy and fast to add new items to your list. No clicking, no typing, no deciding what project a new item belongs to or which priority it should get.

Low overhead stay focussed

Our lack of "advanced" features (you read that right) avoids the overhead of coming up with yet another "five-word item description".

Features short list

  • Appears when you need it, hides when you don't
  • Drag in files, e-mails, etc. to add them
  • Double click to open the related item
  • Drag the icons out, to remove the ToDo

Mailinglist you know what to do

We plan to improve based on early-adopter feedback. Sign up for the mailing list to know what's going on and what we'll work on next.